French television for kidsI recently switched my cable service from Charter to the Dish Network because I wanted access to TV5, a French television channel.  It is much fun for me to find some of my favorite shows, films, documentaries, all in French, and also to watch the news from a European perspective.  And for anyone who wants to learn or to improve their French, it’s a great opportunity to be “bathed” in the language.  Evening news have English subtitles, as do some of the movies.

Today, Dish Network introduced a new channel TiVi5 for kids!How exciting is that?  Cartoons, children movies, all French programs for children.  Now, do you want your children to learn French?  Just turn on TiVi5 for them, and voila!  They will learn French effortlessly, while having fun.  If you are in North Carolina, know that Charter does not offer that programming.  Dish Network and AT&T Uverse do offer TV5 Monde, the regular French channel.  So, if you want to learn French or have your kids exposed to our beautiful language, check your listings to see if your television service offers it.  I pay an additional $10/month for my TV5 Monde channel, a bargain for the value.

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