Now that the winter months are ahead, I am going to have a bit more time to post on my blog.  I am thinking of the fall seasonl in France, in the western suburb of Paris, Chatou where I grew up .. I remember the long walks to school, dragging my feet in the piles of dead leaves from the many horse-chestnut trees along the streets.

I remember picking up their “marrons” so shiny and pretty.  I would keep a couple of them in my pocket and play with them all day.  These are not to be confused with chestnuts as they are not edible.  Horse-chestnut trees are quite common in France.  In the spring they produce beautiful blooms, white or pink.

Horse-chestnut trees are found in many of the Parisian public parks.  They were introduced to Paris in 1615 by a Mr.  Bachelier who brought some from the orient.  You can find one of the oldest, planted in 1606 in Vezac (Cantal department).

Maybe I should plan a trip there?


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