Adult Cooking Classes in my Kitchen

in south Asheville, NC

How Does it Work?

Indulge in the culinary experience of a lifetime with my French cooking adult classes! Immerse yourself in 3 hours of hands-on cooking, where you’ll be guided through crafting a sensational meal. Together, we’ll create culinary masterpieces that will tantalize your taste buds.

Once the dishes are prepared to perfection, we’ll gather around the dining table, ready to share in the joy of our creations. The air will be filled with laughter and the aroma of delicious food as we savor each bite, enjoying a truly remarkable dining experience.

Each class presents a new and exciting menu, ensuring that every session is a unique culinary adventure. And if your desired class is already full, don’t fret! Simply reach out to me, and I’ll happily arrange a repeat of that specific menu, ensuring you don’t miss out on the flavors you crave.

While I provide refreshing mineral water for your meal, you have the opportunity to elevate the experience by bringing your own wine. Please note that for your safety, we kindly request that you wait until the cooking portion is complete before opening your wine.

Get ready to expand your culinary skills, discover new flavors, and ignite your passion for French cuisine. Join me in my cooking classes and let’s embark on a delightful journey that will leave you with a lasting love for the art of cooking!