My mission is to share with you
a truly French experience

Hello and welcome!
My name is Ghislaine Mahler and I am the founder and driving force behind Ma Belle France. I am originally from beautiful Paris, where I lived for the first thirty years of my life. Then I went to the United States, to expand my horizons and that I did! I have lived in New York City, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Connecticut, and North Carolina.

Over the years, I took small group of Americans to tour different regions of France, and I opened a French cooking school while in Asheville, NC.  But life is full of surprises! After thirty-one years in the United States, it suddenly became clear to me that it was time to return to my native France. So, I have established my new home in Sarlat, in the beautiful Périgord region, and it is my great pleasure to share my beautiful France with you now.
I wil see you soon, I am sure!